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An Accessory Dwelling Unit is everyone’s choice for adding value and increasing livability in nearly every home. Perfect timing for the perfect product. ADUs are taking the housing market by storm, proving to be an excellent solution for many homeowners.

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Work or Play

With the rise of telecommuting and the need for cost-effective added-space solutions for the modern day homeowner, our custom ADUs and Backyard Cottages provide options from the perfect home office to amazing at-home fitness centers and so much more.

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Cost Analysis

Exploring the possibilities of financing an ADU and other types of Backyard Getaways, as well as understanding how much money is spent, for what, when, and why, within the region we serve. Plus, a quick look at some of the most common questions from our customers.

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An Accessory Dwelling Units is the perfect backyard getaway. Perfect timing for the perfect product. ADUs are taking the housing market by storm, proving to be an excellent solution for many homeowners.

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For Work

Telecommuting has seen a resurgence in growth, and many people are now working from home. Tech advances mean that this will be a growing sector, and ADUs make the PERFECT quiet and productive home office.

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For Wellness

While we offer an unlimited opportunity to create most anything you’d desire, our most common request is for a fitness area, yoga studio, or gym design-build for a unique & personalized backyard ADU.

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The Perfect Accessory Dwelling Unit

Depending on the regulations in your area, the design and scope of your backyard getaway may serve a multitude of purposes. For instance, country-club-esque lounge style, to zen style meditation studios, the sky is the limit to what we can build for you in your very own backyard. Let's explore the possibilities...

They’re Purpose-Built

Each backyard building is designed and built to suit your individual needs. We've seen everything to a speakeasy style retreat to a fairytale storybook reading cottage.

They’re Low Impact

We utilize eco-friendly materials whenever and wherever possible. Depending on homeowner needs, we can implement the latest in green technology.

Great For AirBNB

Some ADUs can be the perfect candidate for a nightly or weekly AirBNB vacation rental, bringing additional cash flow to help off set things like a mortgage payment.

They’re Luxurious

When dealing with smaller spaces, customer budget often allows for much higher fit and finish. The result is a luxurious getaway you'll be spending quite of bit of time in.

They’re Cost Effective

We're not like other backyard getaway or ADU builders who charge and arm and a leg for our product. Our design-build investment fits most homeowners budgets and needs.

Perfect For Telecommuting

A surge in working from home is driving demand for backyard office studios very high. There's a reason many people like you are turning to this undoubtedly perfect solution.

Let's Build Your Accessory Dwelling Unit

Accessory Dwelling Unit • Granny Flat • Backyard Getaway

Your backyard getaway is a perfect reflection of who you are and what’s important in life.

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Refreshingly Unique Spaces

Firstly, the average backyard getaway is 350 square feet in size. Secondly, most adu’s are heated and cooled, with high quality fit and finish. As a result, the typical design and build process takes roughly 3-5 weeks. However, this is dependent on permit/approval, inclement weather and holidays. Above all, we can match style to your existing home, or help you create something totally unique and truly inspirational.

To learn even more about an accessory dwelling unit, take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions selected from clients just like you.

In conclusion, whether you’re building a full-fledged ADU with functional kitchen and bath, or simply a backyard getaway, we at Georgia ADU Builder offer our expertise for full start to finish design-build solutions. In other words, our design-build services have you very well covered.

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Above all, it’s time you discover why everyone is so excited about Accessory Dwelling Units and Backyard Getaways. Additionally, our design-build services at Georgia ADU Builder mean that you can work with us every step of the way to see your dreams become a reality. Meanwhile, be sure to follow us on Instagram @GeorgiaADUBuilder for amazing accessory dwelling unit inspiration, our projects and more.

The perfect look for an adu is this cozy modern farmhouse style office right in your very own backyard.